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Beyond Memory

Educational Programs and deeper Insight

The "Holocaust by bullets" is the model on which mass violence continues in the world today. Highlighting this little-known chapter of the Holocaust is important for commemorating the forgotten victims, but it is important to know that Yahad - In Unum does not focus solely on the past. Our work work is to encourage all societies to examine the darkest chapters of their history history and to speak out against the current scourge of genocide.

How can we continue to pass on the memory and understanding of mass crimes of the past?

Now that 80 years have passed since the extermination of the Jews of Europe began, how can we fight against anti-Semitism and racism in modern societies?

There are many challenges to be met in order to keep this memory alive, especially among the younger generations.

In a worldwide context where racial prejudice, ethnic violence and the threat of mass violence remain commonplace, our organisation is fighting on several fronts:

- The Yahad - In Unum founded Holocaust Museum in Guatemala offers a Spanish-language curriculum on contemporary anti-Semitism for a Latin American audience.

Our goal is to create an educational program for teachers and high school students that will provide them with knowledge about global and local Jewish communities in Latin America as well as a necessary understanding of the origins of anti-Semitism, its past and present manifestations, its global and local contexts and its consequences.

The long-term goal is for the Holocaust Museum in Guatemala to become a reference point for the surrounding countries as a unique institution in Central America.

Through the different local ministries of education, our goal is to ensure the teaching of the Holocaust in the region through exhibitions, the provision of educational materials for schools, explaining the connection between these countries to this period of history, and linking this knowledge to today's violence and the fight against the spread of anti-Semitism in this part of the world.

- By working in collaboration with other memorials and museums in the United States and around the world.

- Developing various educational initiatives on the Holocaust by bullets and its legacy in contemporary mass crimes and genocides, in partnership with academic institutions in France and the United States, among others.

- By training more than 500 teachers a year to teach the history of the Holocaust and the history of the Holocaust by bullets to new generations.

- By creating unique educational tools dedicated to teaching. The In-Evidence map shows the execution sites of Jews identified by Yahad - In Unum in Eastern Europe. It allows visitors (researchers, students, teachers, victims' families, etc.) to access concrete information on each crime at a local level. 1003 sites are currently available online with new sites being added on a weekly basis.

For each locality, a historical overview is provided, including information on the pre-war Jewish community and the events leading up to its destruction, information on post-war memorials, excerpts from the archives, as well as video excerpts from Yahad's interviews, and current photographs showing the locations of mass graves, ghettos, forced labor camps, and places of Jewish culture.

- By taking action on social networks to combat the egregious anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial that has become so commonplace online.

- By organizing a wide range of public events: symposia, conferences, seminars, etc. focused on our efforts in the areas of Holocaust education, memory and research.

What makes Yahad's work so unique is our fieldwork, we travel to the sites of massacres, collect evidence and try to understand the mechanisms of mass murder wherever we go.

Our team is made up of specialists who pass on this knowledge and transform it into educational tools to fight the spread of mass violence and hatred in our modern world.